Usps overnight tracking not updating

22-May-2016 15:01

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I come home early from vacation so I could receive the package. And at 2 o’clock I call Fed Ex and they informed me they forgot to put my package on the truck. I still do not understand how this is my fault and why I have to suffer for someone else’s lack of responsibility.

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The company currently employs nearly 300,000 workers.

In fact, demand exceeded expectations and stressed shippers’ capacity, causing some late deliveries of their goods.

Package delivery is clearly a growth industry and the Postal Service expects its piece of that business to rise 6 to 7 percent annually through fiscal year 2017.

But it could make some changes to better handle future increases.

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For example, to-the-door delivery works well but curbside mailboxes were primarily designed for letters, flats, and small parcels, and they can’t easily accommodate multiple or large packages.Not at all what has been promised on the product description.