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14-Jul-2016 17:23

In the example below, we searched for “google amp” from a mobile device.

Here’s what the AMP carousel looked like last Friday, February 28th for this query: When we clicked into the first result, an article published by Search Engine Land, it loaded instantly – all without leaving Google.

“We don’t have specific numbers yet on how people have been engaging with AMP pages, but we can say preliminarily that that users are engaging with AMP content more than they are with regular content.” “Users aren’t spending the time waiting for regular pages to load — as they see the AMP stories and engage with them, they’ll start learning quickly that AMP content loads faster,” she added. Richard Gingras, Google’s head of news and social products, told the Lab after the official rollout of AMP that monetization — support for paywalls and advertising — was a work in progress.

According to Google, AMP pages load an average of four times faster than non-AMP pages. “Enabling publishers to have their business models around subscriptions and sign-ins is critical to the AMP framework, and we have a client-side model for this that’s been adopted by places like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Financial Times,” Rudy Galfi, product lead for AMP, said.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is buzzing.

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This high level of internet penetration coupled with a generation brought up online and familiar with the digitally connected lifestyle, we think has led to comfort in sharing their personal details online.The program encourages self-directed, independent learning in several areas, including critical thinking and professionalism in the production of a scholarly work.THE REQUIREMENTS FOR INDEPENDENT STUDY HAVE CHANGED.AMP is certainly a part of this mission, as it allows users to read news articles instantly on their mobile devices.

AMP results now rank above the typical news-related links found in the SERPs.

Within this post, I’ll dive into the next steps for AMP – such as its’ impact on user experience, reasons why your brand may be a good fit for AMP, and how to implement it on your own website.

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