Comcast dating on demand

18-Apr-2016 23:43

Here’s Vanessa Bayer’s 2007 video from Comcast Chicago’s Dating on Demand. Do people actually look for people to date via their cable box?

TV PREDICTIONS -- Apr 15 -- Dating on Demand can be found on Comcast's Video On Demand lineup and permits singles to post two-minute videos explaining what they are looking for in a mate.

And of course, there are those legitimate users (not illegal file sharers) who do send large collections of high resolution photos or edit movies collaboratively on line. In the past, their overtaxed service would be "throttled" (slowed) or abruptly shut down.

In the future, they'll be duly warned and given the option to buy more capacity.

We want to be very clear: As Brian Roberts, our Chairman and CEO stated, and as Dave Watson, President and CEO of Comcast Cable writes in his blog post today, we have and will continue to support strong, legally enforceable net neutrality protections that ensure a free and Open Internet for our customers, with consumers able to access any and all the lawful content they want at any time.

Our business practices ensure these protections for our customers and will continue to do so.

If a Comcast viewer likes what he or she sees, they can go to Dating On and send a message.

Posting a video is free and includes a six-month membership to Datingon and its sister site, Hurry Date.

Comcast is lending Cupid a helping hand this Valentine's Day, making it easier for singles to connect with someone special with the national launch of Dating on Demand, the first service to combine video on demand (VOD) and online dating, on February 14.On February 14, profiles of singles from the Philadelphia and Chicago areas will be available on Dating on Demand in Comcast markets across the United States.